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Our Mission

The National Council for Residents (NCR) is comprised of multi-specialty, board-certified physicians whose sole goal is to support the next and current generation of young physicians along their path to becoming board-certified physicians themselves.

Our Vision

Residents at all levels and in every specialty are invited to participate in 3 levels of Comprehensive Connection for Residents:

Residents - Connect Here!

National Resident Community Connection Calls

Residents are encouraged to dial in for the NRC’s monthly, one-hour virtual connection calls. These power packed sessions provide important, pertinent information, tools and strategies to enable residents to excel in training while avoiding potentially career altering landmines. Led by seasoned physician leaders and educators, these dynamic sessions allow residents to take a deep dive via authentic discussions with NRC-trained physician advisors.

Why? Because sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.

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NCR Specialty Councils


Each resident will be wrapped in support by an NRC Specialty Council comprised of 2-3 practicing physician advisors from your specialty. These specialty advisors have committed to being an ongoing support network for you throughout your residency.

NRC Specialty Council Advisors will support trainees between the monthly NCR Resident Community Sessions as needed, and you can expect to develop mentor/sponsor relationships with your NCR Advisors.

Isolation in residency is like kryptonite!

NCR Advisors want you to know that you are not alone.

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NCR Tiger Teams of Advisors


Residents, if you are in academic trouble (or if you think you may be in academic or career trouble), reach out to the NCR Tiger Team members who are trained to help you navigate through the uncertain academic, employment, and credentialing challenges that sometimes arise unexpectedly during training.

If needed, NCR Tiger Team Advisors can help connect you with our mental health, legal, academic, and career development teams.

If you have been released from your residency program, NCR can also help guide you through this tough transition time in your career.

Once again, you do NOT have to navigate this alone!

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Practicing Physicians - Connect Here!

Following satisfactory completion of the NCR’s training program for attendings, NCR Specialty Councils of 2-3 physician advisors volunteer to meet with and support individual residents on a monthly basis. Specialty Council Advisors ensure that the following NCR Curriculum domains are reviewed with their resident advisees:

  • Academic Core Curriculum

  • Professional Development

  • Strategic Navigation of the Hidden Residency Curriculum

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