Who We Are

The National Council for Residents (NCR) is an informal community of academic and community physicians.


What is Our Goal

The National Council for Residents will work to stem the tide of Black resident dismissal. We will create a community of learning and practice to promote residents crossing the finish line into board-certified physicians.


Our Mission

The National Council for Residents (NCR) is comprised of multi-specialty, board-certified physicians whose sole goal is to support the next and current generation of young physicians along their path to becoming board-certified physicians themselves.


Our Vision

Residents at all levels and in every specialty are invited to participate in 3 levels of Comprehensive Connection for Residents.

The Organization’s Strategy

Specialty Teams

  • Will follow Black residents within their specialty

  • Will provide an academic framework and roadmap for program leadership interaction


Tiger Team

  • Focused on career-threatening experiences of the residents

  • Will utilize tools of career salvage and legal aid



Are You Ready to Join the Fun?

Please complete The National Council for Residents registration form. You will need to provide a photo of your work ID to verify you are eligible to join these sessions. 

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